This Journey, unlike many others, is not by choice. Individuals
enter at different points and move at their own pace. Grief is very individual and each person is forever changed. Through JOSEL, the person is companioned with others who are also grieving, facilitated by trained staff. Each is invited to “walk” along side others who are also experiencing grief over loss of a loved one.

Experts have recognized the need for mourners to be companioned.

“Healing means, first of all, creation of an empty but friendly space, where those who suffer can tell their story to someone who can listen with real attention.” (Henri Nouwen)

“The need to retell your story of love and loss is perceived as a necessary rite of passage.” (Alan Wolfeit)

women mourningEach individual is encouraged to divest themselves of all the good-intentioned advice, platitudes, and well-purposed, though perhaps misguided compassion that they may have received. The Bereavement Center is a safe place to learn about grief.
There are no comments to “Hurry up and get over the grief.”

When friends and relatives have returned to their normal routines, grief really sets in and mourning begins. JOSEL provides a safe place where confidentiality is maintained while the loved one’s life is shared and remembered. We encourage mourners to enter a friendly space where they can listen with the heart: the attention and compassion.

Introducing a Local Grief Support Group

“Companioning the Grieving with Compassion

Participants will benefit from the following:

    • Extending support to grieving families
    • Freedom to talk about grief when they are ready
    • On-going connection to others who have similar experiences
    • Respect for confidentiality
    • Opportunities to participate in special events that memorialize such as seminars, rituals, and services
    • Access to weekly meetings
    • Trained facilitators available for adults, teens and children’s groups
  • A safe pace to express grief
  • A comfortable environment with light refreshments
  • Handicapped-accessible
  • Ample parking

We depend on each individual’s willingness to participate in their own way as they are ready.

Meeting Locations

Thursday Evenings, 7-8:30 pm
St. Julie Hall at St. Joseph Church (lower parking lot)
40 Main Street, (Rt 97), Salem, NH

Exit 2 off I-93 going toward Salem. Pass Fisk School on right, continue to St. Joseph Regional School sign, turn right into driveway. Pass Church to lower lot,
St. Julie Hall is building on right.

~ All sessions are free of charge ~